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The few minutes you'll dedicate to read the following gate related tips might come in handy one day. Learn the best ways to maintain the gate and its parts, how to keep the control opener box clean, how to select new gates and what to do when gates break down. Enjoy the best advice presented below

Make sure the gate posts are in good condition

The posts of your swing gate hold the entire weight of the panel. If they're not in good condition, the gate will sag and might fall. It won't close well because it won't be balanced. Sometimes, the problem is not obvious since it's related to the stability of the posts' foundations and in this case, our specialists suggest reinforcing them with concrete. You'll know there's need for a swing gate posts repair if you notice them sagging or the gate fails to close well.

Take care of rusty gates

There's not always need to replace the entire gate when you notice a few rusty spots here and there. Most certainly, if the problem is huge and most parts are rusty or rotten, it is in your best interest to get a new gate. In any other case, you can scrub the damaged parts and paint them with special coatings. Choose coatings which can make them resilient to rust. Take care of such problems even if there are only small signs of rust to avoid worse issues.

Keep the emergency lock of your swing gate opener in good shape

It doesn’t need special care, but you should prevent it from getting dry. Just lubricate it with graphite lubricant which is especially designed for locks. You can use it for all other locks on your property too. When the opener emergency lock is lubricated, the risk of malfunction is extremely low.

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