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Are you wondering why the electric gate is not closing easily? Do you have several similar questions about your gate? In this case, you will find the following answers to frequently asked gate questions very useful. They are written as simply as possible and can help you handle issues and make decisions

Isn't it time to clarify some things related to your gate? Why should you still wonder about things when you can find some really great answers here below! Check them out! Most problems are common and so you will surely find the following frequently asked questions similar to yours. These answers will come in handy in a time of need

Should I get a backup battery?

It's wise to get a backup battery. It will be useful during power outage. If you're planning to get a new opener, keep in mind that most of them already integrate backup batteries. Gate Repair Corona Del Mar advices you to check periodically that the battery is charging so that you won't have any surprises when you need it. It's also smart to turn off the operator once in a while and move the gate with the help of the battery. Change it every few years.

How can I take care of my gate?

It's never advisable to repair the gate on your own. These kinds of systems are complex and you might not even manage to maintain them right, so you won't be sure the gate is safe. With that said, you can keep it clean. Clean the driveway gate track and the control box of the operator. Also make sure the gate is balanced, check the swing gate hinges are fine and that the posts aren't sagging, spray lubricants and make sure the gate closes and opens all the way.

Do I need a warning light for my gate?

The purpose of this device is to signal the people who are near the gate to stay away from it while it is opening or closing. It is most commonly used for commercial gates, but residential ones can also benefit from it. This is particularly the case when the property is on a busy street and/or the gate is right on the sidewalk.

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