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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Browse through the testimonials sent by our customers to let us know about their experience with us for their gate service needs. These testimonials would paint a clearer picture of our company and what you can expect when you hire us.

Learn what our previous customers think about the service they received from us by reading their testimonials below

Great steel gate welding service

“To make a long story short, our steel gate was a mess. It wouldn't close well, made noises and looked awful! Terrible situation! My husband made an appointment with Gate Repair Corona Del Mar and the technician assured us that some welding work will fix most problems. He also had to maintain it and inspect parts. We let him work. A while later our gate finally moved correctly. It would shut well, too. The tech explained that there was need for some hinge welding repair work and assured us that nothing else was specifically wrong with the system. We loved his honesty, great work and the fact that he was here on time.”

Dependable home gate repair experts

“I was taking my car out when I realized that the gate reversed. If I wouldn't have noticed it and hadn't moved fast, my car would be crushed. I stopped the car and tested the driveway gate opener reverse system. It wouldn't work. I had to go but still called Gate Repair Corona Del Mar to make an appointment for later on. It was a great thing to find the technician waiting at my gate entrance when I got back. Instead of me waiting for him, he was waiting for me (that was a first). He took care of the problem right away. I really liked that he spent some time checking the opener and the sensors. Great sliding gate operator repair!”

Exceptional Gate Service

"I have two antique wrought iron gates that have been part of my property for many years. I travel a lot and I cannot care for them properly. That is why I wanted a professional to do the job. I got quotes from several companies and picked Gate Repair Corona Del Mar because it gave me the best offer. They have been working for me for over a year now and the result is simply wonderful. The technician who comes in takes care of the panels, posts, the hardware and the opener along with the clickers and the intercom. He repairs damaged parts and replaces worn ones. For me, this is the best maintenance service that you can find around."

Rolling Gate Chain Repair

The problem that I encountered is that my rolling gate could not open, hence my wife and I could not drive out our home. After a quick research, we decided on Gate Repair Corona Del Mar. To our surprise, their technician arrived with no delay and inspected the gate. He found out that a broken chain was the problem. The technician quickly fixed it and our gate was working in no time. The technician looked for other problems at no cost, and we were happy to hear he found none. Soon after we were able to drive out to our workplaces. I greatly appreciate their fast response and customer care services. Highly recommended!


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